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LASC Specifications

As part of the longwall automation strategy, existing longwall mining equipment from various vendors forms an important and integral part of the overall control system. It is therefore essential to ensure interconnectability and interoperability between the LASC Technology and the OEM longwall equipment.

Interconnectability ensures that electronic data can be correctly transferred between specified devices.

Interoperability ensures that these devices can correctly interpret the data and in respond appropriately.

Early in the project Ethernet/IP was selected as the standard for interconnection of LASC and OEM longwall equipment. Ethernet/IP is an open industry standard which (as the name suggests) takes advantage of the rapid developments in Ethernet network technology for industrial control and information exchange.  

LASC specifications were then developed to:

  • describe the functional requirements of the devices (control blocks) of the automation system
  • define the associated Ethernet/IP device models specific to the LASC application.

The objective of these standards is to ensure that all interconnected components, both existing and yet to be developed, interact and operate in a predictable and consistent manner.


LASC Specifications pdf

LM Shearer Horizon Control Specification V2.36 pdf

LM Roof Support Specification V2.04 pdf

Interconnection of Landmark Compliant Longwall Mining Equipment – Shearer Communication Specification for OEM-Accessible SPMS Data.